24 januari 2012

SEG rapport

Klipp ur en artikel om SEG-mötet förra veckan:

"EU air quality legislation should pay more attention to ultra-fine particles and black carbon, according to the preliminary findings of a consultation ran last year as part of an ongoing legal review. The results were presented at a stakeholder meeting last week. Other important issues included providing more consistency between EU air quality standards and requirements and other pieces of legislation such as Euro norms for vehicles.

Another recurring demand was that air quality legislation should continue to provide some degree of flexibility, particularly through derogations. Several calls were also made for more stringent standards, mainly from environmental groups.

The most pressing issues for member states are improving integrated assessments, policy coherence and tackling ultra-fine particles and black carbon. Several also said the directive on arsenic, cadmium and other toxic pollutants should be integrated into the main framework directive on ambient air quality.

Unsurprisingly, business associations insisted on having a level playing field within the EU and internationally. Action on very harmful particulate matter was also seen as an important issue, although it is difficult to draw firm conclusions from the responses given the relatively low level of business participation."